How do I get my Data to DDTi?

As a client you have an abundance of options when it comes to data transfer to DDTi. In this article I will lay out the methods available to you and the procedures you will need to follow in order to successfully transfer data to DDTi.

  • Traditional Mail - You can mail any type of external storage device directly to our office at:

2323 W. Fifth Avenue | Suite 210 | Columbus, OH 43204 | Attn: Support

  • Email - For small files or documents, email . Attach the files to the email and leave a brief description as to how it should be handled.
  • Automated FTP for nightly data transfers - This method is best suited for clients who have rapidly changing data that must be updated regularly. Clients set up a scheduled task which runs a batch file that compresses files and sends them to DDTi. Our agents are available to assist you at your request, email The specific information you will need to incorporate into the batch file is:
  1. In windows, click Start --> Run
  2. In the Open dialog box, type cmd.  Press OK.  This brings up your command prompt
  3. In the command prompt type ftp.  Press Enter.  This starts the command based ftp utility
  4. At the ftp> prompt, type open  Press Enter.  This opens the connection.
  5. At the User prompt, type anonymous.  Press Enter.  This will log you in as an anonymous user.
  6. At the Password prompt, no password is necessary.  You can just press enter.
  7. At the ftp> prompt, type cd countyst (i.e. FranklinOH).  Press Enter.  This changes the directory to which you want to upload files.

           At This point, there are a few different ways to upload the file.  You can choose to type out the names of multiple files to the mput command…

  1. At the ftp> prompt, type mput [full path and filename] [another filename] […]
    Example mput “c:\data\parcels.shp” “c:\data\parcels.dbf”

            You can also choose to drag and drop the files onto the command prompt window one by one rather than having to type out the names of the files.

  1. When you are finished uploading your files, at the ftp> prompt, type close.  Press Enter.  This closes the connection to our ftp server.
  2. To exit the ftp utility, at the ftp> prompt, type quit.  Press Enter.  This quits the utility.

You are now done, you can close the command prompt.

  • FTP via website - Browse to and click "request an account" . The DDTi support staff will then send you an email with your login credentials. After logging in, you will be able to upload files and download any files our support staff has made available to you.
  • FTP via File Transfer Server - This method is best for used for semi regular updates of large data sets. You will want to email requesting credentials. Download an FTP client application like FileZilla. The email you receive will have specific configuration instructions for your FTP client application. 
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